Funny Face Dried Cranberries @FunnyFaceCran #Review #Giveaway


I pack lunch for my boys almost everyday and when I don't pack lunch for school I'm packing lunch for sports. This mom is always looking for some new grab and go snack. So, when Funny Face wanted me to give their flavored dried cranberry snacks a try I was all over it! Funny Face Dried Cranberries are a low-sugar cranberry snack for kid (and adults). The first ingredient on the label is cranberries so I knew I wasn't going to be getting some dried up Franken fruit. Did my kids like them? Hmmmm, … [Read more...]

Big G Monster Cereals and Snacks at Target #retromonstercerea #PlatefullCoOp #Paid


  One of my favorite breakfast memories as a child has to do with the Monster Cereals. My mom didn't buy a lot of cereals for us so this was extra special. I'm attributing my being a big horror fan now to the love of these cartoon monsters. LOL! All kidding aside, I was thrilled to receive this years retro boxes of Monster Cereal mostly because these are the boxes I remember being at my table. Count Chocula and Frankem Berry made their debut in 1971 with Boo Berry following in 1973. This … [Read more...]

Mr.Peabody & Sherman Movie Night Party #PeabodyAncientGreece #PeabodyInsiders


    Mr. Peabody and Sherman was released on DVD/ Blu-ray on October 12, 2014. As a Fox Home Entertainment Insider I received a copy on the film and had a chance to host a crafting movie night with my kids. First of all, the kids were so excited to see the branded plates and cups. They felt as if they were in store for something special. We ate pizza and of course popcorn! The room was silent except for the laughs which were plentiful. The boys had seen the movie in theaters, but … [Read more...]

Earth to Echo Feature DVD/Blu-Ray #EchoInsiders #Giveaway

Earth To Echo

Disclosure: I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider. I receive promotional items and information to share with my readers.   Earth to Echo is beaming down to Blu-ray and DVD October 21st!    Earth to Echo is a tale told through the eyes of Tuck, Munch and Alex, a trio of pals who make an out-of-this-world discovery. The best friends venture out of their neighborhood to find the true meaning of friendship. After receiving signals on their phones, they meet Echo, a small, but … [Read more...]

Twin Sisters Premieres: October 20,2014 on PBS #Review #AdoptionStory


What is family? Is it genetics or is it more? This is an amazingly beautiful true story about the bond of sisters and what makes a family. About Twin Sisters: In 2003 twin Chinese infants were found in a cardboard box and taken to a an orphanage, and that's where the true story of twins Mia and Alexandra began. Two families longed for a child of their own Wenche and Sigmund in Norway and thousands of miles away Angela and Andy received word that their dreams were going to come true. The … [Read more...]

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